So we’re all home-bound right? End of training right? WRONG. Lets work out together.

Our plan is… Live interactive classes. The thing we need though is… YOU.

We need your feedback & your banter. Lets work out together and make a gym-less australia fun still.


Latest Follow Along Classes


Train At Home – Introduction

Prologue – Lets Train at home – Bodyweight Training https://youtu.be/m5NuY99EfmE Starting the 24th of Jan, we’re going to stream classes live so you can tune

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We’ll be live-streaming using YouTube (until we have a better option.) Follow our channel and click the bell button to get notified when we go live.


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What is Level Nine Fitness?

Get the right training

We have several ways to train at L9. Do one, do the other, do them all.

(Please watch the video above first!)


We've got coaches onsite to help you with your training. We help put you into programs and pick classes that work well for your training goals. Our coaches are here to help with your technique and give you modifications and improvements to help you reach your goals safely.

Group Classes

At L9 we offer a range of group classes which are all all designed to do 1 thing... get you moving! We've adapted training techniques, blending different practices together to create full body workouts. We also offer beginner friendly classes which increase in difficulty so there should be something fun and interesting for everyone.

24/7 Gym

Members also get 24/7 access to our training facility. So you can come in and train when you want and how you want. Better yet, throw in some self training at the end of a class for a complete training experience.

The Nine Levels of Fitness

Level 1 - Beginner & First Timer
Level 2 - Basic Functional
Level 3 - Body Functional
Level 4 - Healthy Lean
Level 5 - Athletic Lean
Level 6 - Athletic Muscular
Level 7 - Advanced Mobility & Strength
Level 8 - Hyper Mobility & Strength
Level 9 - Genetic Limit

Level Nine Nunawading 24/7

296D Whitehorse Road, Nunawading VIC 3131

(Right next door to Brand Smart)


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