L9 Calisthenics & Bodyweight Strength

Calisthenics is a form of strength and movement training which predominantly utilises the practitioner’s bodyweight as resistance.

A skilled Calisthenics practitioner is strong, mobile and possess a high degree of skill.

A full-body expression of fitness, Calisthenics is demanding and requires years of mastery.

Beautiful Movement - Calisthenics

L9 Calisthenics Center in Nunawading

Calisthenics Group Classes

L9 offers structured Calisthenics classes followed by an open calisthenics session. Our coaches have prepared different classes e.g. Calisthenics Fundamentals, Straight Arm Techniques & Ring Techniques. Come join our classes.

Bodyweight Strength

Join a full body strength class using just your bodyweight. This is an excellent class to join to focus on strength and strength progression. Each class works on Pull strength, Push strength, Legs and Core. Think you can't get strong doing bodyweight exercises? Think Again.

Calisthenics is much more beginner friendly than you might imagine! Our coaches will spend time with you to show you quite literally the ropes and how to get going. You’re not too old or out of shape to give it a try. (If you’re absolutely worried about being a first timer, try Yoga or PureMotion)

Calisthenics employs a lot of bodyweight training. Our classes are made for everyone to participate, don’t be intimidated! From beginners to advanced, calisthenics does not discriminate on age or gender. All you need is some heart.

Work at your level with L9 Calisthenics, our classes and coaches know exactly how to get you on the right progression path. We are all on our own journey. (also we wouldn’t need calisthenic classes and coaches if everyone was in perfect shape and could do handstands and planches!)

L9 Calisthenics is FUN!
All Smiles
Join a fun group of Calisthenics Enthusiasts

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.

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How we train at L9

Have a look at all the different ways you can train at L9 Bodyweight & Yoga Studio